Our Travel Guide to 3 weeks in Thailand

We went to Thailand in our December holiday in 2012. We then quickly realised how BIG and BEAUTIFUL it was, so we went again one year later!!! Thailand was our first international holiday together as a couple, so it will always have a very special place in our hearts!

People seem to have a lot of criticism towards Thailand! It is the most developed country regarding tourism in Southeast Asia and that can come with a lot of negatives! But just remember, it is popular for a reason! It’s AMAZING! The trick is to know what to expect, to choose your destinations wisely and to never compare one country or area to another.

We have planned two, 3 week trips in Thailand and yet there is still so many places we would love to see! So expect a third itinerary sometime soon! Here is all of our planning tips that helped us have two incredible holidays! We could not recommend Thailand enough, especially to couples!

The Plan

Thailand is massive, so we had to accept that we wouldn’t be able to go to every destination. We started our planning by finding the top places in Thailand, and narrowing down from there:

a) Phuket:

  1. Patong – famous Bungla Road nightlife, great shopping, island excursion hub
  2. Karon – also close to all the excursion departures but far more quite, great beach
  3. Krabi – great beaches and island excursions
  4. Koh Lanta – secluded island with stunning beaches and nature
  5. Phi Phi Island – one of the many great island excursion destinations that also offer accommodation

b) The 3 islands off Surat Thani:

  1. Koh Samui – great beaches, the big buddha
  2. Koh Phangan – full moon party, amazing beaches, hikes and island life.
  3. Koh Tao – secluded beaches and amazing views (the smallest island)

c) Bangkok – SHOPPING

d) Northern Thailand

  1. Chiang Mai – beautiful temples and elephant sanctuaries
  2. Pai – a beautiful remote village

Now the hard part, where to go in only 3 weeks. Below is our two itineraries with links to all of the accommodation we chose and the transport companies and sites we used.

Our first Itinerary

A) Loveli Boutique Guesthouse (2 nights)

tuk-tuk or 5 minute walk

B) Patong – Rayaburi Hotel (3 nights)

tuk-tuk or 15 minute shuttle

C) Karon Sunshine Guesthouse – 3 nights

Fly: Phuket Airport to Samui Airport via Bangkok Airways
Bus/minivan: Karon to Surat Thani (5 – 7 hours from 150 to 300 Baht)

Ferry: Surat Thani to Ko Phangan via Lomprayah Ferriers ( 3 hours)

D) Sandy Bay Bungalows – 3 nights

Ferry: Koh Phangan to Koh Samui via Lomprayah Ferriers  (2 hours)

E) Rich Resort – 2 nights

Ferry: Koh Samui to Surat Thani via Lomprayah Ferries (2 hours)

Fly: Surat Thani to Bangkok via Air Asia (1,5 hours)
Train: Surat Thani to Bangkok via ThaiRailways (over night)

F) Citin Pratunam – 2 nights

Our second Itinerary

A) Regent Suvarnabhumi (1 night)

Flight: Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) to Phuket Airport via AirAsia

B) Loveli Boutique Guesthouse (3 nights)

Boat: Patong to Ko Lanta

C) Southern Lanta Resort – 5 nights

Bus/minivan: Ko Lanta to Krabi
Fly: Krabi Airport to Samui Airport via Bangkok Airways
Ferry: Koh Samui to Koh Phangan (2 hours)


D) First Villa Resort– 5 nights

Ferry: Koh Phangan to Surat Thani via Lomprayah Ferriers (3 hours)
Fly: Surat Thani Aiport to Don Mueang (Bangkok Airport) via AirAsia

E) Citin Pratunam– 2 nights 

Planning Tips

Internal Travel

  • Never assume the flights will be more expensive then the bus, trains and shuttles. We have often seen them come in cheaper which is really a time saver.
  • There is plenty of travel agents in each area to book internal travel tickets etc if you’re stuck.
  • Try the overnight train from Surat Thani to Bangkok, worth the experience.
  • Try make Bangkok your last stop so you can fill your bags to the maximum with your shopping.
  • If travelling by bus/ train or ferry, remember to pack your own food and drinking water.
  • There is two Airports in Bangkok, namely Don Mueang (Domestic) and
    Suvarnabhumi Airport (International). The travel time between the airports is around 1 hour, (make sure that you leave yourself enough travelling time if arriving at Don Muaeng and leaving on your international flight via Suvarnabhumi).


  • Light rain jackets to fit over your backpacks are useful if you plan to travel around on scooters (the rain can often come pouring down with no warning).
  • Don’t waste space in your bags by packing warm tops and jeans – its literally always hot!
  • Pack either a long sarong or one outfit that covers your body if you are planning to visit the temples.
  • All your snorkelling gear is provided on the excursions.
  • Clothes wise – pack nothing – the shopping is incredible!!

When to go

Thailand has a tropical climate making it hot all year round and varying mainly with humidity and rain. Therefore the best time to go is in the dry season.

  • Rainy – May to October
  • Cool and dry – November to February
  • Hot – May to March

Fun hashtags to search and use for your Thailand trip:
#amazingthailand #travelthailand #unseenthailand #explorethailand #visitthailand