Coron Shipwrecks

In 1944 there was an air attack in Coron, resulting in numerous Japanese Navy ships being completely taken down by the US Airforce. It only took a few hours and a couple of bombs and torpedoes to sink roughly 11 ships.

These shipwrecks in Palawan now offer the best shipwreck diving experience in the whole of Southeast Asia. Palawan is also voted the World’s Best Island, so it could literally not get any better. When we heard this, we died a little inside – why do we still not have our scuba licenses! But we just held our breath, equalised a few times and made the most of it! And it was SO incredible!

These wrecks are mainly talked about amongst divers, but the snorkelling is definitely worth talking about!! If you’re a fellow snorkeler, check out these 3 spots and let yourself be completely enchanted by Coron Bay:

1. East Tangat Wreck

This gunboat wreck lies on a stunning coral reef that is said to home a few local seahorses. This 40 metre long wreck lies on an incline. The bow of the ship is just 3 metres from the surface and then reaches a depth of 22 metres. The first half of this wreck was ideal for us snorkelers!

Coron ShipwrecksCoron ShipwrecksCoron ShipwrecksCoron Shipwrecks

2. Lusong Wreck

This old gunboat is also a great spot for non-divers as the stern of the boat is said to reach the surface of the water during low tide. The bottom of the boat reaches a depth of 11 meters, making the whole wreck easily visible in the right lighting. This wreck didn’t disappoint when it came to the sealife!!

Coron ShipwrecksCoron ShipwrecksCoron Shipwrecks

3. Skeleton Wreck

This wreck is what remains of a 25 meter long steel-hulled boat. It is one of the closest wrecks to Coron Island and a popular attraction on the main tours. The bow is only 5 metres deep with the stern of the boat at a depth of 22 metres. This spot not only offers this mysterious shipwreck but also an amazing snorkelling spot at the coral reef right next door. Could have spent all day here!

Coron ShipwrecksCoron Shipwrecks

The ocean is truly a mysterious and magical place. And when the water is warm and incredibly clear, it makes it that much greater to explore! Thank you for this Coron!

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