Khao San Road

We left our home in Cape Town and spent our first two nights (of our 8 month Southeast Asia trip) in Bangkok. The famous movie, ‘The Beach’, describes this one street in Bangkok as “the centre of the backpacking universe“. This street is called Khao San Road, our first destination.

Our “One Night in Bangkok”:

After many goodbyes back in Cape Town, we couldn’t be happier that we managed to get on the same international flight as our best friends. We are off to Myanmar tomorrow and they flew off to Vietnam today, meaning one last amazing night together in Bangkok. So we had to make the most of it!

What to do in Khao San Road:

There is so much we didn’t get to do here – massages, tattoos (henna or permanent), getting our hair braided and even buying fake drivers and qualifications. But between Khao San Road and the two roads next door (Thanon Rambuttri and Soi Rambuttri), these were the TOP things WE DID DO:

Eat something CRAZY:
If you are ever going to eat insects (if that’s even a thing), then Khao San Road is the place to do it! They have fried everything – bamboo worms, crickets, scorpions.. So we decided to man up and give it a go – sooo crunchy!!

Khao San Road

Order a Beer Tower:
Best and worst decision of the night!! We had a 3 litre Singha Tower for 650 Baht and a 3 litre Chang Tower for 550 Baht! There is a thick ice cube running through the middle so it stays ice cold!! YUM!

Khao San Road

Buy lots of clothes and STUFF:
Bought these shorts for 100 Baht – way too hot to wear my tight high-waisted jean shorts!

Khao San RoadKhao San Road

Eat the amazing street food:
Chicken Phad Thai, coconut ice-cream, mango on a stick .. our favourites.

Khao San Road

Wander the streets:
Take in the colourful craziness of these 3 vibrant streets by bar hopping your way through.
Travel tip: the bars sell beers for roughly 70 Baht, whereas the 7 Eleven stores sell them for 40 Baht.
So buying from the store and wandering around the streets is a much cheaper option!

Khao San Road

Meet fellow travellers and start random dance floors:
The bars in Soi Rambuttri Road were especially vibey! They have live bands at almost every bar!
These were our dancing friends from South Korea, Germany, England and Thailand!!

Khao San Road

Death by – Khao San Road

In our defence, the four of us flew for about 22 hours before arriving in Bangkok at 6pm. So we were sleep deprived before we even bought our first Chang.

Jake and Janet’s flight to Vietnam via Asia Asia was set to leave at 6am in the morning. So when we arrived back in our room at 3am from Khao San Road, they had only one hour to sleep before their taxi arrived. At 10am we awoke to the two of them knocking at our door. They had slept through their alarm, raced to the airport and ended up having to pay an extra 2000 Baht to change their flight to later that day. They then came back to the guesthouse and snuck into our room (as they had already checked out).
The four of us, still severely hanging or “jet lagged”, slept in our double bed until 1pm. So bad, but so good!

Khao San RoadWe gonna miss these two !!!

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