Versatile Blogger Award 

This travel blogging community is just too amazing!

Not only are they some of the friendliest people out there but they are all SO different and so interesting! Getting to know and recognise their adventures through these shared awards is so fun!!

Firstly, wow, THANK YOU @ROADTravels for nominating us!! It’s always such an honour and we loved getting to know 7 more things about you both! Your inspiration to us as a married travel couple is endless and always appreciated! Explore Every Road is reinventing the American Dream – just take a look!

So what is this award??

It’s a blogger-to-blogger award. The aim is to allow your fans a little more insight in to the writer behind the blog and to shed light on a few of your absolute favourite travel bloggers in the community!

The Rules:

  1. Share 7 things about yourself that may interest your readers.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you with links to their site – again, YAY @RoadTravels !!
  3. Nominate 7 travel bloggers to get involved and share links to their sites to share the love!

So here it goes..

7 things about us:

1. Our most common fight is always over who the laptop is facing more towards during Game of Thrones sessions in bed. The angle is everything !!

2. Jen occasionally believes she’s a mermaid and then almost passes out when she remembers she’s not.

3. We are pretty worldly and have been together for 8 years – and we still make the worst 30 Seconds partners – we literally do better with complete strangers!

4. Rudi forgets Jen exists when there’s a dog around.

5. We are always strategising on how to get rich so we can buy a big home with a garden and drink amazing wine – and any progress in that is then celebrated by spending it mostly on traveling and celebrating in a tent on the floor. mmm …

6. We have matching Kudu tattoos ! And lastly,

7. Rudi has decided speedos are cool again.

Our 7 Nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Four Dirty Feed | South African couple Steven & Hayley, teach English in South Korea and travel the world in between |  @FourDirtyFeet   
  2. Globe mad |Emma and Pete – the nomadic intrepid travel bloggers – follow their incredible adventures| @globemad
  3. Wondering Wayfares | Watch Clare Louise Absolon and her husband travel | @wonderingways
  4. Hitched Hikers | Couple travelers who quit their jobs and booked a one way ticket to Asia, follow their travel adventures | @hitchedhikers 
  5. Dutch Nomad Couple | Angela and Tino Kreijns travel couple | Exchanged corporate jobs for full time traveling – how amazing! | @dutchnomadcpl 
  6. Will fly for food | JB & Renee aka. the travel eaters – a stunning travel blog for the gastronomically inclined | @flyforfoodnow 
  7. Chapter travel | Dutch couple Jeffrey and Lisanne have been traveling together since 2015 and capturing some amazing Asian experiences | @chaptertravel 

We can’t wait to learn 7 more things about you !!