Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Pakse is a MUST DO stop over town in Laos. Not only is it en-route from Vang Vieng/ Vientiane to the 4000 islands in the South, but it is also the gateway to some of Lao’s mot beautiful waterfalls!

We rented a semi-automatic motorbike for 80 000 Kip and set off to Pakse’s infamous Bolaven Plateau. Unfortunately our visa was running out so we weren’t able to do the entire loop. Check it out on if you do have the time!

This is our recommended Bolaven Plateau Day Trip from Pakse:

Tad Fane Waterfall

We left Pakse at 10:00am and arrived at the Tad Fane waterfall around 11:15am (35kms from Pakse). It is the largest waterfall on the loop – which we have now realized is much more impressive in the Wet Season (search it on Instagram, it’s incredible). The entrance fee is 10 000 Kip per person. 

Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Local restaurant delights

We then found a diamond in the rough when it comes to lunch spots! This little understated restaurant was one of our top attractions of the day. BEST budget food EVER !!

Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

You can find this restaurant on the gravel road to Tad Yuang Waterfall

Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Vegetable Maccaroni and Basil Fried Pork with Rice – 10 000 Kip each

Tad Yuang Waterfall

Also known as Tad Guaeng Waterfall. Our favourite!! We were here in dry season and it still blew us away!! So if anyone tells you the Bolaven Plateau is not worth going to in dry season (which they will), then take them here! It was also completely empty! Maybe we were just lucky, but it was pretty spectacular to have this entire pool to ourselves for over an hour. 

Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Tad Yuang is 40kms from Pakse and 10 000 Kip entrance


Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

It doesn’t get much better then standing in the cool spray of a waterfall

The Coffee Plantations

The Bolaven Plateau is most famous for its coffee plantations that are scattered around every corner of the loop! They boast some of the best cuppas in Asia! We were not disappointed! 

Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Watch our GoPro Highlights from our trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Where to Stay in Pakse

We stayed in central Pakse at the Phaythavone Hotel for 125 000 Kip (15 USD) for a double standard room.  This hotel can be booked via  It has a fan with and an ensuite bathroom with a hot shower.

It is in walking distance from the bus stations that leave to Champasak, 4000 islands and Vientiane.

Looking for accommodation in Pakse, click on the below link for the best deals:

How to Get to Pakse

We caught a bus from Vang Vieng to Vientiane and then a sleeper bus to Pakse – all for 170 000 Kip per person. There are a lot of travel agencies in Vang Vieng selling bus tickets for this specific route. 
If you are a solo traveler we would highly recommend buying two tickets! The double bed is pretty small on the sleeper bus so it would probably be pretty awkward next to a random? Also for couples, if anyone does ask, say you are married !! We heard of one couple getting split up because they were not married.

There is no airport at Vang Vieng, however you can take a bus to Vientiane and then fly directly to Pakse. There are two direct flights a day on Lao Airlines

Pakse day trip to the Bolaven Plateau

Our double bed in the sleeper bus – Rudi was way too tall!!

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