The Married Wanderers

Jen and Rudolph Raath

A typical South African couple
Arty blonde English girl meets well-mannered sporty Afrikaans boy
he said hello (2009), she said YES (2014), they said I do (2015)

For us, travel has always been a “fixed expense” in our budget!
Whether it’s a European holiday or a weekend away camping,
we are always the happiest when traveling together!!

If we absolutely had to choose a niche, it would have to be
somewhere outdoors with flip-flops on“.

Together we have the confidence to stop dreaming and start planning!!

As a couple, we see travel as an investment in our relationship!
We are constantly learning how to be a team and how to make a relationship work.
Traveling together is the ultimate test!

If we are able to help or inspire you to travel in anyway, that would be pretty awesome!!

“Those who travel together, stay together.”


More about Jen:
Pisces child of the 90s | Undergrad: Travel & Tourism Management | UCT Postgrad: Marketing Management | Last worked as a travel partner manager for Momentum Multiply

More about Rudolph:
Pisces child of the 90s | Undergrad: Business in Commerce | BTech in Project Management | Last worked as a quantity surveyor/manager at a Roofing Company