The Married Wanderers
Jen Raath & Rudolph Raath

Typical South Africans
English girl meets Afrikaans boy
He said hello (2009), she said YES (2014), they said I do (2015)


For us, travel has always been a “fixed expense” in our budget! Sometimes that budget allows us to travel Europe or backpack Southeast Asia for 8 months. Other (more common times), it allows us to pitch our tent somewhere beautiful just outside Cape Town.

But either way, travel is always a priority, and always our absolute favorite thing to do as a couple!!

We don’t have a set travel style or destination type. The world is far to big and beautiful and diverse to feel pressured to “choose your niche”. But, we do love the beach, the bush and pretty much everywhere outside! So if you did happen to bump into us one day, this picture would probably sum it up:

“Somewhere outdoors & barefoot, with Jen attempting something weird & Rudi laughing nearby, beer in hand.” πŸ˜‰

Together we have the confidence to stop dreaming and start planning!!

As a couple, we see travel as an investment in our relationship! We are constantly learning how to be a team and how to make a relationship work. Traveling together is the ultimate test to understanding what makes each both happy, inspired, fulfilled and as importantly, stressed.

Occasionally escaping from home routines, work, family and any of the factors that effect our behavior and mood is so NB for us! There’s just something about staying in a beautiful resort or sleeping under the stars after a hard hike that puts your priorities straight! 

If we are able to help or inspire you to travel in anyway, that would be pretty awesome!!

“Because what is marriage if not a grand adventure?”

Our background

Pisces child of the 90s | Undergrad: Travel & Tourism Management | UCT Postgrad: Marketing Management | Profession: Founder of Burnt Orange – Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant

Pisces child of the 90s | Undergrad: Business in Commerce | BTech in Project Management | Profession: Project Director at Metro Roof


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