We finally did it, we finally said YES!! We sat down, did our numbers, drank some more coffee and just decided to make it happen!!

We have rented out our house in Cape Town, quit our jobs and bought two backpacks and a one way ticket to Southeast Asia. We left our home in Cape Town on the 16th of December 2016.

Our money should technically run out after 7 months of backpacking, but lets see what happens…

Asia has such a special place in our hearts and we have been obsessed with the culture, nature and banana shakes ever since our first trip to Thailand and our most recent trip to the Philippines.

This is the route we have in mind, but again, lets see what happens.
MyanmarNorthern ThailandLaosCambodiaVietnamSouthern China –  Southern ThailandMalaysia – Indonesia (including Bali) – India. 

Southeast Asia Placeholder
Southeast Asia

  • We are currently in Indonesia.

Follow our adventures through all of these amazing destinations and all of our ups and downs as a couple, traveling long term on a limited budget.

Because what is marriage if not a grand adventure …

The Married Wanderers